S.E.M. Ensemble

Music as Situation

The S.E.M. Ensemble


Music as Situation

December 18, 2019

- at -

Paula Cooper Gallery

524 W 26 St, New York, NY

Brooklyn Preview Concert

December 16, 2019

- at -

Paula Cooper Gallery

524 W 26 St, New York, NY


Ian DavisThree Movements for Ensemble (2019) (World premiere)

Petr Kotik - Tubamirum (2019) (World premiere)

Judith Berkson - Partial Memories Part III (2019) (U.S. premiere)

John Cage - Cheap Imitation (1969/1982)

Sean Kiley - ancient cascades (2019) (U.S. premiere)

Petr Kotik - Torso (String Quartet No. 2) (2012)

The S.E.M. Ensemble

Petr Kotik, director

Judith Berkson, voice

Petr Kotik, flute & conductor

John Altieri, tuba

Lucie Vítkova, accordion

Ian Davis, piano

Chris Nappi, percussion

Leah Asher, violin

Mioi Takeda, violin

Liuh-Wen Ting, viola

Meaghan Burke, cello

Petr Kotik conducted the Ostrava New Orchestra at the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague on November 5th.


Ostrava New Orchestra / ONO

William Lang, trombone

Holger Falk, baritone

Tamás Schlanger, percussion

Petr Kotík, conductor


Ata – for orchestra (1987)                                                                                                     

Commissioned by SWR Baden-Baden orchestra and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (Lisboa). Dedicated to Josef Häusler and Luis Pereira Leal.

Premiere: May 3, 1988 in Donaueschingen with Michael Gielen (conductor).


Troorkh – from trombone and orchestra (1991)                        

Commissioned by Music Department of Swedish Radio and Swedish Concert Institute. Dedicated to Christian Lindberg.

Premiere: March 26, 1993 in Stockholm with Christian Lindberg (trombone) and Esa-Pekka Salonen (conductor).


Aïs (aïdos) – double concert for amplified baritone, percussion and large orchestra (1980) 

Commissioned by Bavarian Radio in Munich.

Premiere: February 13, 1981 in Munich with Spyros Sakkas (baritone), Sylvio Gualda (percussion) and Michel Tabachnik (conductor).