S.E.M. Ensemble


On March 25th, S.E.M. Ensemble will be performing Morton Feldman's five-hour masterpiece For Philip Guston at the MaerzMusik festival in Berlin. The performance is part of a 30-hour event "The Long Now," which closes out the festival. 

Petr Kotik, Joe Kubera, and Chris Nappi performing Feldman's Why Patterns? in 2010.

S.E.M. Ensemble

Petr Kotik, Artistic Director

Petr Kotik, Flute

Joe Kubera, Piano

Chris Nappi, Percussion

Info and ticket information can be found here.


Essential Feldman at DOX

DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague

Saturday, April 7 at 8pm

Essential Feldman

Major Works for Symphony Orchestra

First time in Europe


Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra

Conrad Harris, Violin

Daan Vandewalle, Piano

Petr Kotík, Conductor


Piano and Orchestra (1975)
Structures (1960-62)
Violin and Orchestra (1979)