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New York – Ostrava: Influences & Initiatives

New York – Ostrava

Influences & Initiatives

Lucier, Vítková, Brown, Wolff, Heflin, Kotík

May 28, 2019

- at -

Bohemian National Hall

321 E 73rd St, NYC

6pm: Screening

8pm: Concert

The Orchestra of the S.E.M. Ensemble

Petr Kotik, Conductor


Lucie Vítková* - Nine (2018)

Christian Wolff - Trio I (1951)

Christian Wolff - Trio VI (2014)

Alvin Lucier - Navigations for Strings (1991)

Anna Heflin* - Included / Excluded (2019)

Petr Kotik - Congo (1962)

Petr Kotik - Nine+1 (2012)

Earle Brown - Available Forms I (1961)
*Student-Residents of Ostrava Days

Two Evenings at The Willow Place Auditorium


Morton Feldman (1984) & Alvin Lucier (1994)

Alex Mineck (2016) & Alex Huddlestone (2018)

SEM Mivos QuartetYarn/Wire

March 22 & 23, 2019

- at -

Willow Place Auditorium

26 Willow Place, Brooklyn NY

Friday, March 22nd 5pm-10pm

Morton Feldman - For Philip Guston

S.E.M. Ensemble

Petr Kotik, flutes

Joseph Kubera, keyboards

Chris Nappi, percussion

The S.E.M. Ensemble will perform Morton Feldman’s magnum opus “For Philip Guston,” on March 22nd. SEM has been associated with Feldman since the early 1970’s, while both were based in Buffalo, NY. Feldman composed “Instruments I” for Petr Kotik and the S.E.M. Ensemble in 1973 (Jan Williams, Julius Eastman and Petr Kotik were among the performers who premiered the piece). In 1987, Petr Kotik commissioned a new work by Feldman, but Feldman died in the fall of 1987 before he could compose this new work. Instead, in February 1988, SEM performed “For Philip Guston,” for the first time. The performers in 1988 are the same as they will be in 2019: Kotik, Kubera and Nappi. Alex Ross in the New York Times commented: “… the performance by the S.E.M. Ensemble is no less gigantic than Mahler's Eighth Symphony.”

Saturday, March 23rd 7:30pm-9:30pm

Alvin Lucier - Disappearances

Alex Mincek - Torrent

Alex Huddlestone - I found a few configurations//some stripes

Improvisation with Mivos Quartet & Yarn/Wire

Mivos Quartet

Olivia De Prato, violin

Maya Bennardo, violin

Victor Lowrie Tafoya, viola

Tyler J. Borden, cello


Laura Barger, piano

Ning Yu, piano

Ian Antonio, percussion

Russell Greenberg, percussion

As part of their 10th Anniversary Season celebrations, Mivos Quartet is joined by their friends and colleagues Yarn/Wire for an exciting evening of new music. The program will be centered around Alex Mincek’s expansive octet Torrent. The program also includes a beautiful quartet from Alvin Lucier and the 2018 Mivos/Kanter Prize winner Alex Huddleston in a scintillating spatial quartet. Both ensembles will join forces in improvisation as well. The concert is a demonstration of the myriad ways that Mivos champions new music.

The March 23rd concert is supported in part by a grant from the Paul R. Judy Center for Innovation and Research at the Eastman School of Music.

Emerging Composers & Henry Threadgill: Reading Workshop Concert


Emerging Composers Workshop Concert

Wednesday February 13

- at -

Willow Place Auditorium

26 Willow Place, Brooklyn NY

S.E.M. Ensemble

Petr Kotik, Director

Thomas Buckner, Baritone


Ian Davis - Additive Counterpoint Study

Henry Threadgill - Poems for Voice

Greg McRae - whose that (dedicated to Henry Threadgill)

Cory Bracken - Brux

Anna Heflin - Included / Excluded

Jonathan Delazer - Crhyps

Judith Berkson - Mineurj

Jon Myers - Daniel in Chicago

Looking Back & Onward: SEM in 1986 & 2018



SEM: 1986 & 2018

Wednesday December 19, 8:00 pm
- at -
Paula Cooper Gallery

524 W 26th St, New York, NY 10001

Preview Concert Sunday December 16, 8:30pm

- at -
Willow Place Auditorium

26 Willow Place, Brooklyn, NY 11201


S.E.M. Ensemble

Petr Kotik, Director


Petr Kotik - Wilsie Bridge (1986)

Ben Neill - Money Talk (1986)

Michael J. Schumacher - Variations (2018)

Miya Masaoka - States of Being, States of Becoming (2018)

Ben Neill - Horizonal (2015)

Petr Kotik - Now Distance (2018)


Fall Schedule


José Pietri-Coimbre, Christina Kay, Nicholas Hay and Steven Wilson perform Petr Kotik's Master-Pieces at Bohemian National Hall, April 28, 2018.

Opera??? Opera!!!

Friday November 2, 2018, 7:30 pm
- at -
Divadlo Komedie, Prague


Salvatore Sciarrino - Infinito Nero (1997)

Pauline Kim Haris, violin

Ostravska bandá


Julius Eastman - Macle (1972)

Petr Kotik, Tomas Cruz, Alex Dobson, Andrej Gál, voices


Petr Kotik - Master-Pieces (2014-18)

Christina Kay, soprano

Tomas Cruz, tenor

Alex Dobson, baritone

Nicholas Hay, bass

S.E.M. Ensemble/Ostravska bandá

Petr Kotik, Conductor

Pauline Kim Harris, violin

Ezster Krulik, viola

Jarmila Vávrová, oboe

Ladislav Kosderka, trumpet

Andrej Gál, cello

Tamás Schlanger, percussion


Joseph Kubera, Chris Nappi and Petr Kotik perform Morton Feldman's For Philip Guston at MaerzMusik in Berlin, March 25, 2018.

For Philip Guston

Tuesday November 7, 2018, 12 pm
- at -
DePaul University, Chicago


Morton Feldman - For Philip Guston (1984)

S.E.M. Ensemble

Petr Kotik, flutes

Joseph Kubera, keyboards

Chris Nappi, percussion